Brand Idea Development

An uncomfortable truth.
During the last few years, the Levi's
myth has faded. The pioneering jeanswear
brand has failed to connect with young
people in an authentic way. What happened
to the sex, swagger, and cool?
Enter Added Value Paris! The company partnered with Levi's in 2009, using the Archetype model to generate a brand positioning more in sync with the zeitgeist. Three archetypes were identified - Hero, Outlaw, Explorer - which led to three alternative propositions for the brand. Ethnographic research was also conducted with the target market, using an innovative stimulus to bring the ideas to life. Animated images, key words, and soundtracks all contributed to the evolving Levi's DNA.

A brand idea soon became apparent: 'Get On With It'. This built on the concept of everyday heroes, and found its creative expression in the line 'worn by doers since 1873'. It deliberately jars against clichéd lifestyle marketing, and superficial fastfashion. A 200-year old pair of jeans is suddenly feeling cool again.