Seeing The Patterns

Consumers click.
The economy may be recovering, but how
do consumers feel about the rollercoaster
ride across the balance sheet? A lot
of research has already been conducted
into shopping behaviour online, but
Yahoo! wanted fresh insights.
Specifically, they were interested in how the global financial situation was affecting purchasing decisions. Added Value Los Angeles made use of AV-id, its proprietary deep-qualitative tool to study consumer engagement across five product categories. They created an online community (with vlogs, blogs and other forums), and followed up with customised quantitative research.

The project sought to understand the limits of online shopping; define what 'value' really means; and find out how to avoid those abandoned digital shopping carts. To achieve game-changing insights, however, it took a 'kaleidoscopic' tilt. In other words, a fresh perspective on all the available data.

Yahoo! received these findings with an enthusiastic 'Hooray'. Edwin Wong, Research Director, says: 'Simply put, this was an absolutely great piece of work.'