A brilliant digital experiment.
It's often said that a brand is a product
with a personality. So what do you do
with a brand that lacks soul - or as
Added Value puts it, 'character'?
Interestingly, the options available
to clients were limited - until
very recently.
Open the online doors of the CharacterLab: a hothouse of quantitative measurements and Jungian psychology. It allows a brand to explore the nature of its character, and to create an alternative one if necessary. (Any new creative work can then be evaluated to see if it's 'on character', or not.) The digital nature of the CharacterLab is the perfect complement to Added Value's already highly successful Archetype Game.

It also means that geographically disparate clients can join in, too.

Initially launched in New York on a project with Nestlé, the CharacterLab is being developed for use across the network. Happy clients include Nissan, AT&T, Kimberly-Clark and Sony.