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Conflict Courts

Conflict Courts

A courtroom drama featuring three angry men.
When the new Vodafone European CEO saw it
he described it as 'one of the best things he'd ever
seen'. It was used to open his first ExCo meeting,
and the result was brand dynamite. 'It' was,
in fact, a movie.
Initiated by Added Value, and dubbed the
Ares and Apollo project, it was also the result
of a step-change in qualitative research.
Vodafone's ambition to be the leader in the world of total communications pits it against the likes of apple and google. and how do consumers perceive these three players? added Value created 'Conflict Courts' to find out. In these forums, lovers of Vodafone and lovers of google and apple presented their arguments to a 'jury' of swing voters. a verdict was reached as to which of the three would emerge as the undisputed communications champion.

A movie was then created, telling the story of the Courts, and dramatically exposing the brand truth. It was the only research output.

Amazed, Vodafone are now recalibrating their perceptions of themselves and their competition. Big strategic steps are being implemented, taking the agency's key recommendations into account: be bold again, own the customer relationship, and - ultimately - be human.