Social investment

Our companies have a long tradition of pro bono work – providing creative services to charities at little or no cost. This work can be invaluable, helping raise money and awareness for hundreds of good causes every year.

Pro bono work also benefits WPP by showcasing our creative skills and ability to create compelling communications on a wide range of social and environmental issues. Our people gain a breadth of experience and the chance to contribute to their communities.

We also support charities through cash donations and employee volunteering.

Examples of recent visual pro bono work by our agencies are included in the pro bono showcase.

In their own words

Kaori Mochizuki Yoko Otsuka Hono Nakano

WWF is a long-standing pro bono partner for Ogilvy & Mather. Our team at Ogilvy & Mather Japan was asked by WWF to create a new website to raise awareness of global warming, increase membership and encourage donations to the charity.

We decided to base the website around images of polar bears. These amazing creatures are often used to symbolise the threat of global warming and can inspire strong emotions in people. However, just knowing about the dangers of climate change doesn’t necessarily mean people will act. The site balanced facts about the threat of global warming with endearing images of the bears so that viewers would feel affection for the bears, gradually learn more about their plight, and then be inspired to join WWF.

Everyone working on this project including the photographer, musician and technical staff at the production house did so for free. There was a great spirit and sense of common purpose. We were all there because we cared about polar bears and wanted to help WWF reach as many people as possible.

Before we began, we all knew about climate change and WWF, but working on this project has taught us much more about these issues and the steps we all need to take to save the planet.

Kaori Mochizuki
Yoko Otsuka
Hono Nakano

Ogilvy & Mather, Japan

An external view

Xiaowei Su, Project Manager for Earth Hour China

Environmental awareness in China is on the rise but many people still don’t know what they can do to help tackle climate change. WWF’s Earth Hour reminds everyone that small individual actions can make a big difference.

This is the first year WWF has promoted Earth Hour in China and we were determined to get more people involved. Ogilvy Advertising and Ogilvy PR gave us invaluable support in all aspects of the campaign from the creative ideas to media relations and launch events.

With their help, we developed a print ad featuring actress Li Bingbing, won a coveted spot on a popular reality TV show, and convinced the Olympic Park to turn off the lights at the iconic Bird’s Nest stadium. These actions helped generate interest among a much wider audience and reach people who may not have previously got involved. One of the highlights for the whole team was being featured on the influential China Central Television 7:30 news program.

The project was a labour of love, with everyone working to tight schedules, over the holidays and on a small budget. We really appreciated the experience, commitment and enthusiasm Ogilvy brought to the project. Their expertise was invaluable in helping us generate levels of media coverage well above what we had hoped for.

Xiaowei Su
Project Manager for Earth Hour China