Marketing ethics

Marketing is a powerful tool with the potential to change opinions and influence behaviour. It is essential this influence is used responsibly and in a way that protects consumers and supports human rights.

As a minimum our businesses are expected to comply with all laws, regulations and codes of marketing practice. All advertising produced by WPP companies should present products fairly and accurately, comply with the law and marketing codes, and reflect changing public attitudes to questions of taste and decency or marketing of sensitive products.

Privacy and data security are increasingly important issues for those of our companies which collect and use consumer data in market research and to target digital advertising and direct marketing campaigns.

Where we operate, who we work for and the type of work we undertake can also give rise to ethical issues. We need to identify and manage these issues, in line with our Group policies. If we do not, we risk damaging our reputation with our employees, clients and investors, and could undermine trust in our clients’ brands.