We want WPP and its companies to be known for environmental, ethical and social leadership, within the marketing services sector. Managing social, ethical and environmental risks to our business and capitalising on new opportunities helps us achieve our business goals and enhances our reputation with clients, our people, regulators and investors.

WPP exists:
To develop and manage talent;
to apply that talent,
throughout the world,
for the benefit of clients;
to do so in partnership;
to do so with profit.

Our CR activity supports our business strategy in a number of areas. These include:

  • Generating new business opportunities. Increasingly, leading companies require a marketing services partner to help them communicate their social and environmental achievements. Our CR program enhances our understanding of these issues and supports our businesses in competitive pitches.
  • Attracting and retaining the best people. There is fierce competition for talent in our industry and questions relating to CR are frequently raised by our people and new candidates during job interviews. Creating a diverse company culture, adopting leading employment practices and demonstrating our commitment to social and environmental issues can help us to attract and retain the best people. A diverse workforce enhances our understanding of consumers in all markets.
  • Enhancing our reputation. We reduce the risk of adverse publicity by ensuring that our work complies fully with regulations and marketing standards and carefully evaluating the risk associated with new commissions. Our pro bono work and support for charities and community organisations reinforces our reputation for making a positive contribution in society.
  • Meeting investor expectations. WPP share owners are showing interest in our CR practices and we aim to respond constructively to their requests for information.
  • Improving efficiency. Our climate strategy is reducing costs associated with business travel and energy use.