Business ethics

WPP’s Code of Conduct and CR Policy set out the standards we expect employees to meet in their work. They provide guidance for our people in dealing with a wide range of ethical, social and environmental subjects. Both documents are found on the Code of Conduct page and the CR Policy page respectively and are publicly available on our website,

The CEO of each WPP company is required to sign a statement each year confirming that they comply with our Code of Conduct.

Employees can report any concerns or suspected cases of misconduct in confidence through our third party-managed Right to Speak facility, overseen by our internal audit department. A Right to Speak phone number is available to all employees worldwide and is publicised through induction packs, the Group intranet and the WPP Policy Book which is available on our Group intranet.

We are strengthening our processes for managing ethical issues associated with client work. These are explained in the Marketing ethics section.