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About this report

This report describes WPP’s corporate responsibility (CR) activities in the calendar year 2007 and the first half of 2008. It is our sixth report.

Information for this report is collected through an annual case study survey. Each WPP company has a nominated CR representative who is responsible for completing this survey of CR activity. The results are collated and validated by our audit function.


Data relates to the calendar year 2007.

We collect the majority of data using our financial reporting system, including data on energy and CO2, social investment, employment infringements, employee diversity, training and wellbeing, recycling and paper use. We estimate that the reporting system covered around 95% of WPP’s business by headcount. We extrapolate energy and CO2 data to cover all employees. Training and wellbeing data covers all our employees.

Starting in 2008, data is being submitted to our financial reporting system by all businesses on a quarterly basis. We expect this to improve the consistency and accuracy of the data reported, and to further embed CR into our businesses.

We identify marketing infringements involving WPP companies from public reports by regulatory authorities. This data is incomplete and in future, we aim to obtain this information directly from WPP businesses through our financial reporting system.