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Social investment

Social investment

We want WPP and its companies to be recognised for environmental, ethical and social leadership, and to be a centre of excellence for environmental and social communication. Pro bono work can help us to achieve this.

Our agencies use their skills in advertising, marketing, PR and design to support good causes through pro bono accounts – work done for NGOs and charities for free or at minimal cost. This work is worth much more than an equivalent cash donation. Many NGOs do not have the experience, capacity or available funds to spend time on creative work which can help raise their profile, reach a greater audience and increase their funding. Effective communications can also help raise awareness on an issue and overcome stereotypes and prejudice.

Pro bono campaigns also benefit the Group, enhancing our reputation in a marketplace where it pays to stand out from the crowd. They showcase our companies’ ability to communicate effectively on a wide range of issues ranging from environmental awareness to HIV.

Finally, pro bono accounts also benefit our people by developing strategic thinking and broadening their perspectives. By choosing their own projects, employees can combine personal interest with professional expertise. Pro bono work also gives them a chance to contribute to their communities.

Examples of pro bono advertising campaigns and design work are featured in the Pro bono campaigns section.