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Campaign: Environmentally-friendly taxi service

Client: Greentomatocars
WPP company: Wunderman, London

Greentomatocars is a London-based taxi service that uses the environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius, a car which emits less than half the CO2 of a London black cab. It also plants over 1,000 trees a year to offset its CO2 emissions.

Harrison Troughton Wunderman helped Greentomatocars to devise a way to advertise that didn’t compromise its values by wasting paper. They created a campaign that was environmentally and financially efficient, reducing the wastage of door-drop leafleting and promoting the values of the greenest taxi firm around. The solution required just one leaflet per street. Once the first recipient notes the telephone number of the taxi firm, they pass on the ad to their neighbour, ticking their house off the list. This continues until the whole street has seen the leaflet.

Greentomatocars has experienced an 11% increase in their monthly bookings as a direct result of the campaign, and is now extending the campaign to a wider area.

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