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Campaign: Resources for the future

Client: Petrom
WPP company: Ogilvy Group Romania

Ogilvy Group Romania has been working with Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in south-eastern Europe, on a communications strategy to educate people on the importance of using resources responsibly.

The central message of the campaign is that future generations will be affected if we don’t stop wasting limited resources. Each of us can make a difference by taking responsibility and reducing consumption now.

The TV ad emphasises a potentially bleak future for children caused by a lack of responsibility towards using precious resources. It shows a soon-to-be father, very nonchalant about the amount he consumes, with an inlaid story of an older man, explaining the difficulties of living without basic resources. At the end, it becomes clear that the older man is in fact the son of the younger one, living in a not so distant future when basic resources are scarce.

The ad was very successful, recently winning Silver in the TV CSR category of the International Advertising Association Responsibility Award, during the IAA Congress in Washington.

Resources of Future