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Campaign: Renewably-sourced raw materials

Raw materials

Client: DuPont
WPP company: Ogilvy & Mather, New York

Many of the products manufactured in the chemicals industry are made using petrol as a raw material. This process is energy intensive and contributes to climate change. Petrol is also a non-renewable resource, and production is in decline in many parts of the world.

Science company DuPont has developed a process which uses biotechnology to make chemicals from crops rather than petrol. This will avoid the use of hundreds of millions of gallons of petrol each year and will reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, the production of DuPont’s Bio-PDO material uses around 40% less energy than its petrol-based equivalent.

DuPont product ingredients are used in a huge variety of products, from carpets to car parts, which means the crop-based product range will help other industries to reduce the environmental impact of what they make.

Ogilvy developed a brand identity (DuPont Renewably Sourced Materials), marketing materials and a website to promote a range of DuPont products that contain a minimum of 20% crop-based materials. The website includes information on DuPont’s vision for renewable materials as well as providing detailed information on the environmental impacts of each product.

The campaign significantly raised the profile of the product range among employees and the intranet site received more than 14,000 hits in the week following the marketing launch. There was also a positive response from key customers in priority industries.