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Campaign: Carbon footprint calculator

Client: BP China
WPP company: Ogilvy Advertising and OgilvyOne,

China’s economy is growing rapidly, causing a huge increase in energy use. This has led to a pollution problem in many Chinese cities and a steep rise in greenhouse gas emissions. As one of the country’s largest energy providers, BP aims to be seen as an environmentally responsible company and supports efforts to reduce China’s climate change impact. Encouraging environmental education among Chinese people is also a priority for BP.

The company has launched a carbon calculator on its website. This helps people understand how much CO2 they produce and what they can do to reduce their individual carbon footprint. The website also offers energy-saving advice and shows how BP is reducing its own environmental impact.

Ogilvy Advertising and OgilvyOne developed a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the carbon calculator and BP’s environmental credentials.

To date there have been over 500,000 visits to the website with 400,000 people clicking to calculate their carbon footprint. The campaign has also helped to improve perceptions of BP among key audiences in Beijing and Shanghai, with surveys showing the BP brand is seen as an ‘Environmental Leader’ when compared to other energy companies.

Carbon Foot Print