Social investment

We provide creative services to many charities, NGOs and voluntary groups on a pro bono basis (for little or no fee). These campaigns facilitate the work of charities and provide exciting creative opportunities for our people. Our companies negotiate free media space on behalf of charities and also support their work through donations and volunteering. In 2013, our social investment was worth £19.6 million (2012: £16.2 million). This is equivalent to 1.5% of profit before tax. WPP media agencies negotiated free media space worth £19.8 million on behalf of pro bono clients, making the total social contribution £39.4 million.

Total social contribution 2009-2013 £m

  • Charitable donations
  • Pro bono work
  • Value of free media space


Total social contribution 2009-2013: 2009 - £42.2m, 2010 - £34.6m, 2011 - £27.7m, 2012 - £30.5m, 2013 - £39.4m

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