Statement of share owner voting

The 2013 AGM was preceded by an extensive share owner consultation process that addressed matters of concern raised by share owners in 2012. As a result of the consultation, significant changes were made to the Group chief executive’s compensation package and a new long-term incentive plan was introduced. Whilst some share owners continued to express dissatisfaction with the remuneration structure and the levels of incentive opportunity, a significant majority felt that the committee had listened to, and addressed, the concerns that had been raised previously regarding the remuneration structure and quantum, as evidenced in the material increase in share owner support of the Compensation Committee Report at the AGM last year.

Resolution Votes for Votes against Votes cast Votes withheld
Number % Number % Number Number
To approve the Compensation Committee Report 725,366,040 80.58 174,811,202 19.42 900,177,242 86,651,380
To approve the EPSP 798,616,899 83.62 156,420,404 16.38 955,037,303 31,791,319

There have been no changes to the Executive Remuneration Policy, and no substantive changes to the manner of its implementation, during 2013 or planned for 2014. In light of this and the significant improvement in share owner support following the last engagement in 2012/13, the committee determined that further share owner consultation after the 2013 AGM was not required. The committee was aware, prior to the 2013 AGM, of the reasons why some share owners felt unable to support the resolution to approve the Compensation Committee Report. However, the committee considered that the revised policy was in the best interests of the Company which was subsequently corroborated by the support of a significant majority of share owners.

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