Relative change in pay for the Group chief executive

As required under the new UK remuneration reporting regulations, the following table summarises the change in the Group chief executive’s base salary and fees, taxable benefits and annual bonus, compared to that of all full-time employees within the Group.

Base salary and fees Taxable benefits1 Annual bonus2

1 Taking into account the worldwide structure and size of the Group, and given the need to calculate benefits on the basis that an individual is resident in the UK for tax purposes, collating data on all employees was not practicable. As a result, the population for the taxable benefits consists of UK employees only.

2 The annual bonus data used for the Group chief executive uses the short-term incentive figures.

Group chief executive -13.0% +29.1% +33.7%
All employees +1.5% +6.8% +9.5%

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